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The Radio Taxi Capital began its activities in October 29, 1984 day in the city of Curitiba, with a fleet of 130 vehicles. There are more than 30 years of experience in which the company has always sought the highest standards in the services. Developed and implemented custom solutions that have been around the business differential. This ensured competitive advantage, has produced results, and became the Radio Taxi Capital a solid company and recognized credibility.

Radio Taxi Capital a solid company and recognized credibility. Commitment to clients and collaborators based on innovation, made the company to develop a new standard of services, and today is recognized as one of the most modern in the industry. To ensure this standard of excellence were invested R 1 million reais in technology and infrastructure: 12:0 am service, electronic voucher, Taxi on the Web, Covenant, application itself and accredited drivers. All that and the commitment of our employees with quality services and the well-being of the passengers are results of the work of a team that knows the customer and their needs. Currently we have more than 5 thousand races daily!

target Mission

Being a reference for our customers in meeting deadlines, in agility, in providing safety and in respect manners. To grow sustainable and to enable profits to members.

bookmark Values

Ethics, transparency, excellence in services, teamwork, respect, social and environmental responsibility.


Call Center with international standards. Among 80 highly qualified attendants through a modern system of taxi monitoring, optimizing the lead time. When the passenger requests a Taxi the system locates the nearest vehicle and data is sent via telematics. Taxi drivers from Radio Taxi Capital rely on GPS. The system tracks the locations, and connects to Radio Taxi Central Capital.

When making the call, the user will have information available as to the distance in kilometers and time elapsed to destination on an average of 50% of the time service. The GPS system is installed in 300 cars of the fleet´s association, monitored by specific information for each race.


More than 700 drivers have specialized training, for a safe and reliable service. Bilingual drivers. The fleet consists in 300 cars with a maximum of 2 years of use. Approximately 80% of the fleet has credit card machines and debit cards, Visa and MasterCard. The company Ethics aims to maintain an adequate fleet to service based on quality. The vehicles are carefully cleaned and shop visited, providing the passenger comfort, efficiency and security.
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The platform of the social responsibility of Radio Taxi Capital is highlighted in the principles and values adopted by the company. So it is a pioneer in developing social responsibility actions.

Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Curitiba:

Assisting on to the purchase of equipment and transfer of part of the value of the races to the Hospital.

Amigos do Hospital de Clínicas – H.C:

The campaign release “Help the HC with 1 real, call the Radio Taxi Capital (041) 6464 4001”, the specific number, where every taxi request, $ 1.00 (one real) is computed to the system.

Fundação Pedro Seleme:

In partnership with the CCV, combining social actions, “Kitchen Soup Project”, Project “Milk” among others.

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