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The application Taxi Capital connects directly with the closest Taxi. Without any delays and with serviceable calls, agile and safe way to order a taxi in Curitiba and in metropolitan region. No need to call to request your race.

Using the App is very simple. Once installed on your phone it is necessary to fill in some data and it is possible to use it. The App locates the user via GPS device, indicates which taxis is closer and displays the types of payments available. The user informs your source address, the driver confirms the race and the passenger confirms the arrival of the Taxi on the screen of the App.

To start using the service, please install the Taxi Capital App for Android or iOS.

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APP possibilities:

 With this in mind, you can request a taxi by smartphone with a few touches and follow, in real time, the path of the driver.

  Without needing to go through call centers, the App makes the Capital Taxi approach passenger and driver.

  The customer displays all driver’s database: name, photo, car model and plate.

  As an application of the Taxi Capital, there is security for the passenger.

 At the end of the race the passenger can evaluate the race.

Convenience and agility
in requests from racing

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