global Transfers

The Taxi Capital account with a proper fleet for transporting passengers and packages, performing this service with quality and efficiency. When you request our taxi you will receive an SMS text with the location and type of the car available for you.

School transport

To ensure safety and quality in student transportation, radio Taxi Capital offers cars with integrated GPS satellite monitored, ensuring the satisfaction of users.


A Rádio Táxi Capital tem uma tarifa especial, exclusiva e diferenciada para sua viagem. Consulte-nos e solicite uma cotação agora mesmo!

star Events coverage

The Taxi Capital offers an exclusive service and personalized coverage at events, for which you provide your guests a safe, reliable, worry-free and excellent service.

Our team will take care of all the details related to the transfers. Promoters will be available on site to request and forward the passengers until the vehicles.

coffe Partnerships with Bars, Hotels and Restaurants

Exclusive services in driving customers who want to enjoy without any concerns bars and restaurants. Taxi Capital offers an adding value service, especial care in compliance with regulations.

For it has been performing partnerships that aim at the well-being of the people, with social responsibility stamp, using the slogan “don’t drink and drive, taking a taxi Capital”.

Registered facilities may obtain special benefits:

  • Taxi Request priority, through the interactive tool Cab on Web and application.
  • Credits for use in transfers of our fleet and can benefit your customers.

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user Personal Account

Applying for Radio Taxi Capital services it enables special advantages to the voucher system. Transfers with rapid and safely issuance. Convenience of time limit payables. Priority for the use of web-based requests, with real-time monitoring of the calls.

  • Control: Management of races via reports;
  • Practical: Request of vouchers from different carriers;
  • Flexibility: Up to 15 days for billing invoice;
  • Availability: We have 310 cars. 700 qualified drivers registered in our Central.
  • Automatic feedback: Via SMS Message warning you that the vehicle is already available-“Hello your TAXI N° XXX XXX model is already in the requested location, thank you using the Radio Taxi Capital”;
  • Structure: We have 310 cars. 700 qualified drivers registered in our Central.

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portifolio Legal Person Account

Create an account at Capital city you will get exclusive benefits of the voucher system, addressed to corporations that are Taxi users. With the voucher you arrange transfers of your business in a practical and safe way, ensuring a control of cash flow.

It is agreed upon? Click here to access your account.

portifolio Executive Taxi

Now we have the Executive Capital Taxi to meet you who have style and prizes for comfort and discretion. In addition, the service is approved by the Urbs and has credibility than 30 years of our company.

To order your taxi Executive Capital , call (41) 3267.6767

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